My name is Mandy Traut  of New Connections Counseling.  I am a sex-positive, licensed mental health therapist (LMHC)  in Lynnwood, Washington.  What do I mean by “sex-positive?”  In a nutshell, I embrace sexuality as part of the human experience, I embrace sexual diversity, and I promote straightforward sex education and advocacy – the latter especially in the area of safety and consent.  Ultimately, I respect your lifestyle choices, and I aim to act as your guide, advocate, and support.  Walking this path with you, I will help you uncover, own, and advocate for your inner truth.  Let me empower you to, overcome adversity, transcend shame, honor your true self, and work towards establishing meaningful relationships.

I believe that what we say to ourselves influences our physical, mental, and spiritual health.   I talk a lot about the connection between mind, body, and spirit.  In helping you connect to your truth, I aim to encourage you to “rewrite” stories that are negative or outdated; replacing them with stories that are more conducive to growth, empowerment, and self-acceptance.  This, in turn, may only improve your physical and spiritual balance and alignment.  I look forward to walking this journey with you, bearing witness to the amazing inner wisdom and self-healing powers I believe you already possess.

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